Knock Off or Authentic: Which is your preference?

Most anyone you ask this question will choose authentic over knock off any day, but what’s also true is not everyone is interested in authenticity when it comes with a price. That price might not be monetary, it might be psychological, i.e., fear, rejection, insecurities, etc. because we all want to be loved and adored.

In fact, Maslow asserted that love and belonging are third level needs after, physiological and safety needs. So once we have food, shelter, rest, and we have our safety and security needs met, we naturally want to belong and be accepted by others.

True authenticity is heart driven. Therefore, when we seek to assume someone else’s identity or lifestyle, we negate our own innate strengths, resulting in the loss of possibilities with our own goals. But when we take the best of who we are and develop those traits, we become our own unique and individual brand that others can admire and adore.

In the world of personal branding and image mastery, professional image consultants are not consumed with how to change your look, speech, or behavior to mirror someone else. They strive to flourish the natural talents of clients who aspire to build confidence, presence, and individuality.

Here are 8 things you can do in your quest for self-mastery and authenticity:

  1. Be honest with yourself about what you like and you don’t like
  2. Never oversell your skills, your interest, or your enthusiasm
  3. Be honest with others about your feelings with kindness
  4. Do not mimic anyone else’s style, walk, talk, or lifestyle
  5. Be grateful for the positive things that you already have
  6. Never agree to do something that goes against your values to satisfy someone else
  7. Remember that you are wonderfully made and you are already good enough
  8. Find a professionally credentialed image coach to help you evolve your true self

The question remains would you prefer to be perceived as an undetectable knock off, pretending to be the “real deal” or an original authentic piece of art?

Dr. Chris-Michelle Jones is a leadership presence and image coach at The Life & Style Executive and is the current VP of Marketing & Communication for AICI, Atlanta Chapter. For more information on services offered, send a message to

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