You too can build a ROCK SOLID business!

image1By Zakiya Mills-Francois,

Author, Entrepreneur, International Public Speaker, Business Strategist
January is already over and February is flying by quickly.

For many, a new year symbolizes new beginnings and new opportunities, but are you ready for what is to come? Whether you own a business or thinking about starting one, preparation is key!

So, are you ready for 2017?

Even though the year is in ‘full swing’, it’s not too late to put your plan in place or have your existing plan reviewed. A solid plan ensures that your business has a foundation upon which you can build your success. Your strategic plan is essential as it looks at your current position and sets your vision in motion in a systematic approach.  This is your blueprint for business success.

Here are three (3) tips to help you along:

  1. Build a vision that will set you apart to you ideal client

What makes you different from everyone else offering similar services? Let your unique vision be your guide. You must know where you want to go and have the right networks, attitude, skills and abilities to get you there.  Also, knowing what limitations or barriers that exist will also allow you to put strategic systems in place to overcome them.

Journal activity:

  1. Write down three (3) things that you think makes you different from your competitors.
  2. Write down three (3) things that you can implement over the next 30 days that will make you stand out to your ideal client.
  3. List everything that you think can be a barrier to you accomplishing point (b) above.
  4. List the ways in which you can overcome each item listed in point (c)


  1. Plan for the Changing Business Environment

Always give yourself breathing room for change. Build a plan that is flexible and takes into consideration the changing business environment. It is important that you have flexibility in your business as there may be circumstances beyond your control that may occur on a national or international level that will impact your business operations. In many circumstances, failure to address those may result in the demise of your business if you are not flexible to implement the necessary changes within your organization.

Journal Activity:

  1. How many years have you been in business:
  2. Is your business similar to when you first started?
  3. If your answer to (b) was ‘no’, what has changed?
  4. Were you prepared for these changes?
  5. Did you see these changes as positive or negative to your business growth?
  6. Look at your current business environment and list four (4) things you think may change in the next 10 years.
  7. What systems and strategies are you going to implement to deal with the changes listed in (f)
  1. Work your Plan

Having a plan is great as it will allow you to accelerate success. Do you have a written plan? If you do, when last did you review what’s stated in it? It is important that you work your plan. Remember, this is your blueprint to success. Spend the time necessary documenting it and then have the patience to strategically move through the process and you will find yourself on your way to building a rock solid business.

Happy Planning!

About the author: Zakiya Mills-Francois is a multi-talented, soul driven entrepreneur, recognized among her peers and mentors as being insightful and ahead of the curve. To learn more about her purpose-driven initiatives, visit her online at

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