Smart People Hire Professionals

Do you love to shop? Go out and buy whatever you want, or at least whatever you think you can afford?

So, do I!

I search the city for the best shopping experiences at department and discount stores and local boutiques.

What I have learned is that kind of shopping usually leaves a hole in your wallet, bank account, investment portfolio (if you have one), and eventually becomes a financial snowball rolling you downhill into a financial rabbit hole.

Like, Alice.


Wow! It’s deep and dark down here. As your eyes become accustomed to the darkness, you notice there are others here as well, all sitting around with a shopping bag and a glazed look in their eyes.

Does this sound familiar? More women than you know spend money they can’t afford to spend on clothing they don’t even like once they arrive at home with the bag.

Once you determine that you might need help; have you ever had someone look at you like you have serious issues when you told him or her that you are planning to hire an image consultant? Even though I’ve had my business for ten years, I think people are still baffled by our profession. If people are even aware of what an image consultant does, they most likely have stereotypes in mind about who people who hire us.

Here are a few of the ones I’ve come across:

  • Only well-to-do people can afford this service.
  • It’s only for people with tons of idle time (and lots of money).
  • Only someone vain or self-centered would hire an image consultant.

 Bottom line: You’d have to be crazy to hire someone to help you get dressed!

The truth is:

  • Our services are also well-suited for anyone interested in personal or professional development; leadership qualities are essential on the job in this competitive environment.
  • We serve busy people interested in saving time and money.
  • Our services are well suited to goal-oriented people who want to see results. They understand that learning how best to represent themselves is an asset. The value in building their reputation, instilling confidence, gaining respect, and understanding how to take advantage of our services will certainly help them to meet and maintain those results.

 Clearly, our profession has its own image challenges. In a service that involves beauty and fashion, clothes and makeup, it could seem fluffy or irrelevant from an outsider’s perspective.

Take some time to find out more about services offered and interview more than one image consultant. It might just be the best investment you can make for your career, dreams and aspirations.

Iris Gathing is the founder of ITG Communications Group and principal image consultant at Style Does Matter. The personal development division specializes in empowering people through personal and professional development. Visit for more information.

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