From The President


headshotWelcome to the AICI Atlanta Chapter webpage. We are delighted you decided to stop by. Our organization (AICI) is based on the principles of collaboration & partnerships, lifelong learning, excellence and integrity and respect for one another. Our chapter prides itself on providing programs and events that align with the following principles:

Collaboration & Partnership
It is true that we are stronger, together. We promote the collaboration and partnerships of our members and others in the industry through our education programs and networking events. It is important to collaborate and network to strengthen our business and increase relationships. Most experts consider this the lifeblood of business.

Lifelong Learning
Another principle is lifelong learning, which can enhance our understanding of the world around us. Our membership offers cutting –edge personal and professional development programs designed to boost our confidence and become more adaptable in this rapidly changing industry. The commitment to lifelong learning helps us to give our clients excellent products and services.

Excellence is a quality of being outstanding. Being a member of AICI sets its members apart from a majority of Image Consultants across the globe. As members, we belong to group of distinguished image consultants worldwide. Our chapter currently has three of the fifteen AICI Image Masters, as members. We have a wealth of preeminent resources right at our fingertips. All members also abide by a set of rules for practice, the AICI Code of Ethics, so potential clients know our members provide high quality services with integrity and respect.

Respect for One Another
Our final principle, respect for one another, is the cornerstone of the image industry. I feel that our primary purpose is to teach self-love and self-acceptance to clients. This in turn promotes respect for one another, despite culture, creed or class. The world has gotten smaller and civility seems to be a lost art in this technological age. We’ve seen so many incidences and examples of this through the use of social media. I believe that it is our duty as Image Consultants to help to bridge that gap of understanding though our programs and treatment of clients.

We have a great sphere of influence in our communities and across the world. As a chapter, we can promote these principles. I encourage you all to participate in chapter events and educational programs. Feel free to reach out to any board member with your comments or suggestions on how we can improve your experience as a member of the Atlanta Chapter. Thank you for trusting this board to serve you.

Yours in Service,

Mia LaMotte, CIC
Atlanta Chapter President